It was any normal Saturday. The group was going to try to work on characters for my upcoming campaign The White Wastes of Aultha. I told the players ahead of time that I had a one shot in mind for later, but no other details. We got together and I explained the setting and how the character creation process would work.

After some time of people perusing the Pathfinder Core Rule Book and the Advanced Player’s guide I stood up and looked out the back window which is right behind the DM’s chair. I exclaimed, “I think I just saw someone run through our back yard!”

My brother asked, “Are you serious?!”

I turn and said, “You hear a crash come from the other room and Grandma yells! What do you do?”

And so it began. The lines of real life and the game began to blur as the group had to defend themselves from hungry zombies.

Their characters were themselves. They had no sheets. No list of skills or powers. I had written down a few quick physical stats, but the rest of the game was based on how they narrated their reaction to the sudden freakish turn of events on this typical Saturday when we were just sitting around the gaming table when…

NOTE: This was a one-shot adventure.

Just sitting around the gaming table when...

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